Cindy German Coach

I started doing CrossFit in 2010, faithfully attending exactly one class per week in an unheated two car garage. I actually fell into CrossFit on accident. I thought I was bartering piano lessons for “personal training,” but it turned out that personal training was CrossFit. I had never worked out in my life until that point, except for a brief stint as the star pitcher of my softball team as a nine year old. I had absolutely no upper body strength and very little coordination. Every workout left me so sore I could hardly move but I kept coming back. Before long I was showing up at the gym 5 days a week and really loved the sport. I did some local competitions for fun and then took my Level 1 certification course so I could start judging competitions.

In July of 2014 I was looking for a new gym and decided to check out TimberWolf. I dropped in during a free class and immediately fell in love with the community. I canceled my appointments at other gyms and signed up immediately. I convinced my husband Nick to join me a couple months later after coming home so happy after every workout.

I started coaching later on that year under the mentorship of other coaches and went on to get my USAW Sports Performance Coach and CrossFit Gymnastics certifications. There’s always more to learn about this sport, which is part of what keeps me coming back.

As a coach, I love helping athletes conquer their fears and discover their own strength. Many of us walk into the gym having never touched a barbell before, and I remember that intimidation well. Seeing someone’s eyes light up the first time they do a pull-up or handstand is incredibly rewarding. CrossFit has made me stronger both physically and mentally and I want to help others uncover that strength.