Tuesday 1.8.19

Tuesday 1.8.19
L2 : Metcon (Time)
Teams of 3
Du X 3
Echo bike (Women do 35/28/21/14/7 cals on the bike)1 person at each station. Once everyone on your team is done with their reps rotate to the next station.
Do not start the next station until everyone on your team is done.

Each person will do 50 at each station then 40 at each etc. totaling 150 burpees per person, 450 dus per person, 150/105 cals per person.

Time to beat is 28:00ish minutes.

Time cap 45:00.

L1 : Metcon (Time)
Teams of 3
Row for cals (Women do 28/21/14/7 cals)

DU is same reps as burpees and row
time cap 45:00