I joined Timberwolf in the fall of 2013 and received my Level 1 certification in March 2014. CrossFit has completely changed the way I approach fitness. I’m at heart an endurance athlete; I played tennis from a young age through college and have always loved running. However, I adamantly refused to life a single weight up until I was required to as part of collegiate tennis practices. In my junior year at the University of St. Thomas, a friend introduced me to CrossFit. It was then that I realized athletics involve more than endurance. I truly began to enjoy the challenge of power and Olympic weightlifing and the satisfaction of learning new and technical skills. Plus, one of the best parts of training the way we do here at Timberwolf (i.e., varied movements at different intensity rates) is the carryover into other parts of life. For me, adventuring (hiking, rock climbing, camping) is a big part of my life, and it’s to great to be able to do these things knowing my work capacity is so much higher. Timberwolf is such a positive community, and I’m so happy to be part of it. Coaching has brought me the opportunity to support people in challenging themselves, gaining strength, and setting – and achieving! – their goals.