Friday 1.3.19

Pre : Thruster (12:00 to work to a 10 rm thruster off the floor. )

L1 : Metcon (Time)50 wall-balls 20/14lbs
40 cal machine of your choice
30 Alt Db snatch 30/20lbs
20 box jump overs 24/20”
15 Pull-ups
15 push-ups

L2 : Morris  (Time)Today’s WOD is in memory of 18 year old Jacob Morris. Jacob competed in the CrossFit games this year in the teens division, placing 7th. Since the games he underwent surgery to replace a heart valve but was never able to fully recover. This workout was the last workout Jacob did before his surgery, and the last WOD he ever did.

50 wall-ball 20/14lbs
40 cal ski
30 Alt db snatch 50/35lbs
20 box jumps overs 24/20 (clear the box)
15 ring muscle-ups