Tom Farrington CrossFit Kids coach

I was an active kid who experimented with all sorts of different physical activities including recreational swimming, golf, tennis, watersports, and soccer as well as competitive baseball, track, football and basketball. I feel lucky to have had a well-rounded background in that regard. My older brother was (and is) an intense, hard worker who set a high standard for effort and grit at a young age. I felt I had to keep up. I started weightlifting and conditioning work in middle school and began learning Olympic lifting in 10th grade. I was active in football, track and basketball in high school, and was a scholarship athlete in football in college. I had some workouts with professional teams and had a brief stint in arena football before enrolling in graduate school. I began a haphazard, reactive routine of exercise and fitness while in graduate school that was mostly characterized by ramping up activity and changing diet in response to sluggishness and weight gain as opposed to having sustainable, proactive activity and nutrition habits. I started CrossFit in 2011 and found it to be the sustainable regimen of activity that I was looking for – not to mention an amazing community! I currently work as a psychologist and I enjoy coaching the CrossFit Kids classes. It truly rewarding to watch the kiddos progress in their coordination, mobility, endurance, balance, form, and strength. Most of all, it is a really fun class with a great group of kids. The biggest emphasis of the class is on enjoying being physically active and learning what their minds and bodies can be capable of when they are willing to playfully apply themselves.