I was born and raised in Seattle where I grew up with two older brothers and two younger sisters, always vying to play sports with my brothers. I played basketball, soccer, football and baseball growing up, although basketball was my favorite and I played throughout high school. My dad was an acrobat for The Greatest Show on Earth; that’s right the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus! He taught us gymnastics growing up and my siblings and I quickly learned how to walk on our hands, do pistols, and somersaults. I did gymnastics at school until the 3rd grade when we moved to a suburb outside of Seattle that did not offer a gymnastics program. I took to playing basketball more, but would still do handstands and flips in our living room. After graduating high school, I went to college but was unsure of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I decided to take some time off which ended up being ten years, after which I finally realized I wanted to be a personal trainer. After becoming certified, I started working for Fitness Together, a small personal training studio, where I discovered my love of helping people reach their fitness goals. I had heard about Crossfit, but dismissed it as crazy as many people do when they first hear about it. I finally decided to overcome my fear and try it out and was completely hooked. I practiced on my own for almost five months before joining Crossfit West Seattle. I loved the community and environment Crossfit had to offer, and it helped to broaden my skills as a personal trainer. I knew I wanted to do the Crossfit Level 1 course, but I decided to put it on hold so I could finally go back to school to finish up my associates degree. My girlfriend, Crystal was placed for an internship in Shakopee and we made the move to Saint Paul in July of 2011. I continued doing Crossfit on my own again for six months before joining TimberWolf Crossfit. My dislike for working at the big box gyms finally gave me the push I needed to get my Crossfit Level 1. I love being a part of Timberwolf, and I’m excited to finally be a Crossfit Coach!

CrossFit Level 1 instructor, NFPT certified personal trainer and CPR/AED certified