I moved to Minnesota from Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2005. I came here to get my act together and give an attempt at a successful college career, after not doing so hot at the University of Colorado Boulder. Much of my late teens and early twenties didn’t involve any fitness whatsoever, and at my heaviest I weighed 250 lbs. During my time at Boulder and when I was at my heaviest, I was pretty much a lost soul. I didn’t really have any purpose or drive. Something changed when I made the decision to move away alone to Minnesota. I became obsessed with getting into the University of St Thomas for their business program, and in 2005 while applying (and reapplying to get into school) I discovered kettle bells. I really went full tilt on mastering them. Getting involved in kettlebells seemed to kick start my life again. I felt alive and I felt that enthusiasm that I used to feel when playing football in high school. Not only was I physically more healthy, but I also seemed to be more mentally engaged in school and focused. I trimmed down to 175 lbs by swinging those damn bells and running, graduated with latin honors from UST, but something was missing from my practice.
In high school I was a defensive end on the football field, but sometime around my sophomore year of high school I noticed that everyone else kept getting bigger and taller and I pretty much stayed stuck at 5’8″. I loved the competition and intensity of football, but playing at a higher level just wasn’t in the cards for me. Similarly, I enjoyed the intensity of kettle bells, but I was missing the team comradarie, competition, and support that came with other athletic sports. Thats when I found Crossfit. Crossfit is the most effective training I have ever done, and the fact that this gym community is more like a family, is what keeps me coming back. I am extremely grateful to have found this place.
My wonderful wife Megan also works out at TimberWolf and teaches Yoga on Sundays. We had our first child in 2011, Bryn. We are really happy to live in this neighborhood and be part of such an incredible thing happening at TimberWolf Crossfit.