After doing CrossFit since ’09 and coaching since ’13 I joined the Timberwolf Community during a rough patch in my life. The staff and community welcomed me and my family and we realized we had a new home. I feel lucky to bring my experience as a competitor since ’12, personal trainer since ’03, and mom since ’06 to CrossFitters of a longstanding community still hungry to learn and grow. Most of my career in PT I have focused on empowering women to realize their beauty in strength, accomplishment, and capability. Since coaching CrossFit I’ve had the joy of coaching a wider range of athletes and abilities and love the opportunity to see the beginner’s first 100# deadlift all the way to giving new cues to a CrossFit vet trying to hit a snatch PR.

Personally, I have virtually no athletic background. I ran the 400 in track in high school because I was fast but had zero coordination for any other sports. Most of the movements in CrossFit were a long and challenging battle for me. So when you join CrossFit remember that most who seem in shape and strong and move effortlessly did not begin this way. They had to work weakness and stay after class and do homework and suffer a little more, but it is worth the effort and time for the pride you feel. I’ve been there!!