Laura Koens Owner / Coach/ Manager Roseville

I actually began CrossFit in the fall of 2011 just a few short months after Timberwolf opened. I only mention this because Tony is my husband, the guy who actually built and opened the gym and coached all of the classes at the time. Lets just say I wasn’t against doing CrossFit, but was less than enthused to begin what I thought was a rigorous program for strong people. My excuse for not starting sooner was our young children (at the time, 1 and 2 years old), but I realized that didn’t hold up after a few weeks.
It was a slow start to a long journey that continues to help me and challenge me and push me to new levels. The feeling of putting in work to really change your body and develop strength and skills is like none other. I struggled finding a real push to work hard, outside my comfort zone, at a regular big gym. The ability to walk in to class at TWCF and have someone guide you through the entire process from warm-up to work-out to mobility and also have people working next to you through the same (sometimes suffering through the same) workout brings about my motivation. Even seven years later, being in class ready to workout is a highlight in my day.
I got my L1 Certification in April of 2014 and with great instruction from Tony and help from other Coaches around me, started into the Coaching aspect of CrossFit which brings about a whole other level of motivation and satisfaction in my life. Being able to help someone work through and correct or adjust a sticking point in a workout or a certain movement and seeing their accomplishment makes every class worth so much more. Love this gym, this community and what CrossFit brings to the table for every person.