Alec Rolain Coach

I have been into sports and fitness since a very young age. I am the oldest of three boys, so you can imagine the constant competition that occurred in the Rolain household growing up. I participated in several sports during my childhood but was primarily involved in baseball and football. I played both baseball and football all throughout high school, before eventually attending Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. While at SMU, I was a member of the NCAA DIII Cardinal baseball team.

I started doing CrossFit after my junior year of college. I would do a few workouts a week when I would be home from school in the summers, but never took it too seriously. After graduating from SMU in 2016, I moved to Saint Paul, MN, to attend Mitchell Hamline School of Law. Once moving up here, I thankfully found TWCF, and it has been an amazing experience ever since! Since starting at TWCF, I have been all about CrossFit in every way and absolutely love training with everyone here! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this amazing community.