Sports Performance

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When: Starting October 12, Ending November 16. Monday – Thursday 1:00 pm, 2:30pm. The program will run for 5 weeks.

Where: 600 7th st. W. St Paul MN, We have Covid precations in place including full sanitation after each class. Weather permitting we will occasionally do off site training at a field or track.

Who– Athletes ages 13-19. Any sport. Any gender.

What do we do?

We have developed an all encompassing program to get athletes to maximize their athletic potential. This formula is also designed to help athletes reduce the risk of injury by unilaterally strengthening joints and increasing range of motion. Our classes are instructed by coaches with years of experience. The program is designed for progressive development of athletes with technique before loads. Below is a list of areas athletes will improve on.

 Stability- Dr. Trent Anderson of Chirosport has helped us develop warm-ups and accessory work to increase stability. Joint stability reduces the risk of acute injury, rehabs old injuries and helps make athletes stronger and faster through improved movement patterns.

 Speed- There are many things that correlate to your speed. Stability, power, strength, movement patterns, range of motion, response time, even your conditioning later in the game. Athletes will train in all of these areas. 

Strength- is of course important in all sports, but in most sports strength is not worth much without speed, stability, range of motion and the ability to apply it properly. We help athletes not only get stronger but make sure to develop the technique and movement patterns to apply it in real time.

 Agility- Train fast to be fast, we use reaction drills, proper movement patterns and multi direction movement to give athletes an advantage over their opponents.

 Power-  Strength+ Speed = Power. Which option sounds best?  Strong and slow, fast and weak, or strong and fast? 

We use olympic lifting, core strength development and plyometrics to increase power. We have trained some of the top Olympic lifting athletes in the United states and our head coach placed 5th at Masters World Championships in 2018 and 2019. 

Conditioning-  Conditioning seems like the simplest area to program but most coaches still get this wrong. Often coaches will increase conditioning by doing longer steady state workouts. This is great to build a base and is important but does not replicate what your body will be going through in a game. Most team sports consist of short burst of intense work followed by rest.

The most important part of conditioning is the ability to recover in a short amount of time. You can be the most talented player on the team but if you can’t recover a better trained less talented athlete will be beat you later in the game. 

Cost: $150 for 5 weeks cycles.

Scholarship program– For every 5 athletes that pay we will offer a free spot to a lower income student. We will need a referral from a coach.

We can prorate if you join after a start date.

Spots are limited. Click the “Contact us” Link below if you have questions or to reserve a spot.