Business- We do our best to operate with transparency and build as much value into our prices as possible. Most other gyms will have a membership price but then charge extra for nutrition, specialty classes and workshops, or have programs you can purchase from them for an additional fee. We include all of this with our prices. All you have to do is ask for them. We just have a one time On-ramp fee when you first start. This $50 fee will have you set up with a coach to work with you 1 on 1 to teach you the basics with specific, personal instruction. 100% of this goes straight to the coach for their time.

Giving back- Every month we donate to Non- Profits and Occasionally hold special events to raise money. Some of these include charities like Wiggle Your Toes, a nonprofit that helps amputees in Minnesota and beyond – – and International Justice Mission, the largest anti-slavery organization in the world – Over the years we have raised around $50,000 for these causes. 

Coaching- We have the most experienced coaches in the area. Our coaches have variety of backgrounds including: Nationally Ranked gymnasts, National and World Class level Olympic lifters, Experienced endurance athletes, and multiple CrossFit Games athletes. 

Class programming- Our classes are designed for any level. We offer 2 different options for the workout and every workout can be adjusted based on your level. We take you through a warm-up and review movements specific to each class. Every week we make sure to program a mix of loading, intensity, duration, and skills to help you become well rounded in your fitness. Our members see results and in general stick with it longer because of these results and continued progress. 

Community- This is a huge part of why we have been successful since 2011. Our members and coaches are supportive of each other. You will always be surrounded by an encouraging atmosphere that will lift you up and help build you to your full potential.  This helps keep you accountable when working towards goals and let’s face it, working out is more fun with friends. 

Preventative maintenance- We have sports Chiropractor on site and all of our coaches are trained in Mobility, proper progressions and warm-ups.  We value good movement most of all.  This is huge in the long term. If you move well you are less likely to become injured. 

Facility- We have top of the line equipment and, in general, more equipment options than most CrossFit gyms. We are also in the process of building out a brand new facility in the West 7th/downtown area of Saint Paul, set to be open in the Summer of 2020.