Monday 8.12.19

Pre : Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)Max speed on Air runner in MPH.

If you do not want to work to max speed for fear of falling or pulling a hammy that is fine.
Just work to a speed you are comfortable with or option 2 of max watts on Echo bike.

Long warm-up then  3 sets building in speed + 2 actual attempts.

Below is an example, Do not just jump on and go top speed. Also don’t fall please. These are new runners and I don’t you to break them ūüėČ

Rest 2-3 minutes between attempts
1) :20 @ 50%
2) :10 @ 75%
3):10 :@ 90%

4) work to 100%
5) work to 100%

You will need someone to watch the monitor for you.

Enter score in as reps.
18.5 mph = 185 reps

L1: Metcon (Time)6 rounds
10 Russian KB swings 32/24g
10 shrimp squats
10 Abmat  Sit-ups

L2 : Metcon (Time)6 rounds
10 Russian KB swings 40/32kg
10 Alternating pistols (5 each leg)
10 GHD Sit-ups