Tuesday 7.10.18

L2 : Metcon (Time)
With a partner
24,000/ 16,000 lb deadlift
18,000/ 12,000 lb backsquat (use rack)
14,000/8,000 lb bench press

You and your partner must use the same weight and you can not change the weight within that lift.

Deadlift  24,000/225lbs on the bar = 107 reps as a team
Back squat 18,000/185lbs on the bar = 97 as a team
Bench press 14,000/135 lbs on the bar =104 reps as a team.

L1 : Metcon (Time)
With a partner
18,000/ 12,000 lb Deadlift
14,000/9,000 lb back squat
11,000/6,000lb bench press

Same rules as L2