Thursday 3.21.19

A) : Metcon (No Measure)After the warm-up we will run through  skill work.
Everyone will start with the coach and they will keep moving toward harder movements. If at any point you need to stop do the accessory work correlated with the level you are on.

1) Kipping pull-up progressions with coach then: 8×3 Kip swings or Kip pull-ups with band.
2) CTB progressions with coach then 8×3 Ctb with band.
3) Ring Muscle up progressions

5×3 Ring muscle -ups work on efficiency of reps if this is easy for you.

B : Metcon (No Measure) Hs progressions

1) Start on box or wall
2) move to open floor with  a spotter if need be
3) obstacle course play.