Thursday 12.26.19

TIS THE SEASON!  Wolfpack!

We are collecting a variety of non perishable foods, school supplies, feminine/adult hygiene products, small clothing items (socks, hats, mittens etc.) for a Community Cupboard, Open to all in the community to take what they need/leave what they can.

For every item you bring, you can put your name on a piece of paper to enter to win a small prize until the end of the year!

Next week we have an altered schedule as well as New years. Please check the schedule on our website for the most up to date schedule.

Pre : Metcon (No Measure)Back squat work to a 1 rm
then 2×3 each set for speed at 80% of todays 1 rm
then 2×3 at 70% :04 down, :04 seconds up.

Option 2: 5×8 at moderate weight

record 1 rm  or 5×8 in Backsquat section
BS : Back Squat (1×1 or 5×8 )

L1 : Metcon (Time)E2mom 3 times through
1) 25/18 cal row
2) 20 pull-ups
3) 30 Wall-ball 20/14lbs
4) 30  double-unders

L2 : Metcon (Time)E2mom 3 times through
1) 25/18 cal C2 bike
2) 25 CTB (ub if possible)
3) 30 Wall-ball (30/20lbs Ub if possible)
4) 75 double-unders