Monday 10.29.18

Monday 10.29.18
Pre: Shoulder scap #4 (Ys-Ts-Ws)
2 rds
Bent over Ys (pinkys up) 10 reps
Bent over Ts (thumbs up) 10 reps
Bent over Ws (external rotation) 10 reps
kneeling Bottoms up KB press 8 reps each side
L2 : Isabel (Time)
For Time:  30 Snatches, 135# / 95#

6 minute time cap
L1 : Metcon (Time)
30 snatches for time 95/65

Put score in Isabel time also. Do not hit RX.
6 minute time cap.

Post : Metcon (No Measure)
3 rds for quality, move with purpose.

12 single left  leg glute bridge  with back on bench.
Repeat on right leg

:45 march in place with barbell on back (heavy)

:45 wall sit with 2 kb in front rack position.