Monday 1.1


Today we are going to play a fitness game.

5 boxes will be set up 4″ apart and labeled. You will roll a lacrosse ball from 50′ away. If you hit the box you will do the work prescribed on the box. If you make it all the way through the boxes without hitting them you do not have to do work that rd.

*if you miss all of the boxes to either direction you will do 30/20 cal bike or row.

Each person will need a whiteboard; you will do 18 rds. each.

Score is most strikes. (enter it in as 1 lb per strike so it ranks in correct order)

Ex. 5 strikes = 5 lbs

the movements are
18 burpees
18 pull-ups
18 push-ups
18 lunges each leg
18 wall-balls

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