Friday 6.9

Partner WOD:

“Deck of Death”

30 Minute AMCAP (as many cards as possible)

Spade- DB Thruster 35/20lbs (L2: 50/30)
Heart- Sit-up w/ wallball toss 20/14#
Diamond- Pull-ups (L2: C2B)
Club- burpees

*Aces are 15 reps
*Face cards 10 reps
*Joker- 400m Run

One partner runs across the gym to where the cards are and picks a card from the deck and BOTH partners complete that amount of reps (if pick a 4 of diamonds, each do 4 pull-ups ) – can work at the same time. Once complete reps, next partner runs and picks next card. Score is total number of cards.

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