Getting started

Step one, Intro Class: Want to see what CrossFit is all about? Contact us via e-mail at to drop into one of our FREE All Levels class. In the All levels class we make sure all of our athletes are comfortable with some of the basic CrossFit movements and ready to get a great workout. These classes can be scaled to any fitness level. We typically run these classes on Saturdays at the Roseville location and Sundays at the Saint Paul location. Check the schedule page as our times may change.

Ready to commit? After the intro the next step is the On-Ramp classes.

Group On-Ramp  Our On-Ramp classes are designed to teach athletes the foundational movements of CrossFit and ease our athletes into the CrossFit classes.  Each class we will learn/review 3-7 movements before moving on to a workout that can be scaled to any level. Athletes must attend 4-6 Level one classes and complete a checklist of movements before joining the real deal. If an athlete has prior experience they may not be required to do On-Ramps. We offer On-ramps 5 different times per week between both gyms. Check the schedule page for details.

One on One On-Ramps – Can’t make the Group On-Ramp class times? We have an option to on-ramp one on one with one of our certified coaches. This will speed up the process and get you into the workouts faster. Since we are bringing a coach in to work with you one on one there is an additional cost of $30 per class.

CrossFit Classes 

What is CrossFit?

Let me tell you about CrossFit

CrossFit isn’t just an exercise program, it is a community of like-minded individuals supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal with CrossFit is general physical preparedness. We train to be well-rounded and ready for anything life throws at us.

What is great about Timberwolf CrossFit is anyone can do it. All workouts can be scaled to any age or ability level. We have women in their 60’s fighting osteoporosis and several athletes in the top 1% of the fittest on earth.

We want our fitness to be functional so it transfers into the real world. An example I use to explain this is by taking top athletes on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Example 1: If you need to move furniture you aren’t going to call a Kenyan marathon runner. Are endurance athletes fit? Heck ya but not usually the strongest.

Example 2: If for any reason you needed to run whether a it was a tsunami, someone was chasing you or maybe you are police officer, or in the Military. Being a 350 lb power lifter isn’t going to help you accomplish this task.

The point is you should be able to accomplish any task you want. We have athletes that have run marathons and yet can still Deadlift double their body weight.

We train in all 10 areas of Fitness.

  • 1. Cardio/Respiratory Endurance
  • 2. Stamina
  • 3. Strength
  • 4. Flexibility
  • 5. Power
  • 6. Speed
  • 7. Coordination
  • 8. Agility
  • 9. Balance
  • 10. Accuracy
  • Fill out the form below to sign up or to try an intro class. Please include either Saint Paul or Roseville as your preferred location in the comments section. Our intro classes are usually on Saturday. The times are listed on our schedule page.




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