11/23/11 Snatch, It’s a Brad Pit movie right?

Getting strong ladies
Challenge: bar traverse down and back ( be careful on the corners of the supports they are sharp)

Tuesday 11/22/11

Squat cleans are hard.
5 rounds of 45 secs of as many reps as possible at each station. 15 secs rest after each.
1:15 rest after each round
Push-press (75/55)
Split Squat jumps
No challenge today

Monday 11/21/11

Evie trying to help take pics of Mama.
WOD: Elizabeth
cleans (135/95)
ring dips
Challenge: Max clean and Jerk or 5×5

Friday 11/17/11 push-pull

Lydia and John getting it done

Friday 11/17/11
Chest not sore enough from Murph? try this!
5 rounds not for time of:  max reps bench press (bw/.70bw), max reps strict pull-ups.
take exactly 1 min rest after each movement before moving to the next.

score = total reps


7000 lb (men) 4500lb (women) overhead squat
stop every minute and do 5 box jumps (24/20) and continue on your way to 7000 or 4500 lbs
Here is how it breaks down depending on the weight you choose.
Men          Women
lbs/reps       lbs/reps
135/52        85/53
125/56        75/60
115/61        65/69
105/67        55/82
95/74          45/100
85/82          35/128

Wednesday 11/15/11

T-shirts and hoodies are here!
Partner workout
250 burpees for time. One partner does work, the other does 1 squat everytime a burpee is done.
You may switch as often as you want. (These will count if you are still in the burpee challenge)

pre- wod challenge:
1 min max stair climbers on 16″ box
(add partners reps together for score)

Tuesday 11/14/11

Shirts and hoodies should be in by tuesday afternoon!

3 rounds for time
 12 Deadlifts (225/155)
15 Wall balls
21 Sit-ups

Challenge: 7 mins to achieve most consecutive double unders

Murph Monday

Very proud of you guys, everyone did Tuesday’s wod with out scaling down to toothpicks. I’m sure many of you have been swearing my name under your breath every time you go down stairs, or get up out of a chair this week.

Yep, this might be our last chance to get out and do your favorite wod this year. You have the option to do a 1600m row to sub the cold run or do a half murph if you feel you are not quite ready.

WOD: Murph
1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run

Dean has 2nd place at 53:12
Bo is in 3rd at 54:08

This wod is blank on the board for the ladies, time to get some names up there.

New Blog

We now have a place for anyone members of the gym or not to post comments, ask questions, or talk crap to each other. This will soon be where all the WOD’s are posted and hopefully will be a link from the main site.


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