Tuesday 11/29/11

6 mins to get to your highest number
1 wall-ball
2 box jumps (24/20)
3 wall-ball
4 box jumps
pre-WOD challenge:
Thruster Ladder
Women start out at 55lbs
Men at 85lbs
go up 10 lbs every 45 seconds to max weight
Earn a T-shirt! In January we will be getting T-shirts made that will not be for sale. You can only get one by earning it. You can get them 1 of several different ways. 1. We will test you next week in the “Timberwolf Total” (My 3 favorite lifts) Clean, Deadlift, Bench Press. Your total must go up 8% in 8 weeks. and a 2000m row at 4% faster. No sandbagging!, I still have your comp wod totals 2. Complete the following workouts RX’D: Fran, Cindy, Grace, Kelly, Nancy, Isabel Daniel, Gi Jane, Angie. 3. Athlete of the Month will recieve one. 4. last way to earn the shirt is a secret. Any suggestions for a shirt design?

11/28/11 Half Eva

5 rounds for time:
400m run or row
15 pull-ups
15 kb swings (24/16)

Challenge: clapping push-ups
attempt to complete all.
Level 1- single clap in front from knees
2- 2 in front from knees
3- swan dive from knees (arms straight out)
4- 1 in front 1 in back from knees
5-1 in front from toes
6- 2 in front from toes
7- swan dive (arms straight out to sides from toes)
8-1 in front 1 in back from toes
9- front,back,front from toes

Happy Thanksgiving!

Running out of pics
Note: After months and months of coordinating my billing software and all the other various accounts we finally have reoccuring billing. We have done a couple test runs and it looks good. I am going to start taking Credit Cards as you are due. I am still willing to take checks and cash but please don’t make me send Elijah after you for payment. Have a good thanksgiving weekend!

Thanksgiving weekend schedule and WODS
Give Russ a big thanks or bring him a slice of pie for volunteering to come in while I am out of town.

Thurs 24th 8a
The ‘Burn Your Turkey’ Gobbler
3 Rounds of 24 reps (Nov 24th!) each exercise (folks can scale to 15 or 9 reps or aim for 2 rounds)
Goblet Squats 52/35
Ohs (just bar 45/35)
kB swings 52/35
walking Lunges
back Extensions (superman)
Fri 25th 8a & 9a
The ‘Black Friday’
Hang Power Clean (135/95)
Wall Ball (20/14)
Box Jump (24’/20′)
Pull Ups
Sat 26th 8a
Any WOD from the week or one’s own
M: Elizabeth
T: 5 rnds 45s work 15s rest 1m rest between each round: push press, jumping lunge, push up, sit up
W: snatch technique work 3-3-3-3-3
Th: Turkey Burner chipper
F: Black Friday chipper

11/23/11 Snatch, It’s a Brad Pit movie right?

Getting strong ladies
Challenge: bar traverse down and back ( be careful on the corners of the supports they are sharp)

Tuesday 11/22/11

Squat cleans are hard.
5 rounds of 45 secs of as many reps as possible at each station. 15 secs rest after each.
1:15 rest after each round
Push-press (75/55)
Split Squat jumps
No challenge today

Monday 11/21/11

Evie trying to help take pics of Mama.
WOD: Elizabeth
cleans (135/95)
ring dips
Challenge: Max clean and Jerk or 5×5

Friday 11/17/11 push-pull

Lydia and John getting it done

Friday 11/17/11
Chest not sore enough from Murph? try this!
5 rounds not for time of:  max reps bench press (bw/.70bw), max reps strict pull-ups.
take exactly 1 min rest after each movement before moving to the next.

score = total reps


7000 lb (men) 4500lb (women) overhead squat
stop every minute and do 5 box jumps (24/20) and continue on your way to 7000 or 4500 lbs
Here is how it breaks down depending on the weight you choose.
Men          Women
lbs/reps       lbs/reps
135/52        85/53
125/56        75/60
115/61        65/69
105/67        55/82
95/74          45/100
85/82          35/128

Wednesday 11/15/11

T-shirts and hoodies are here!
Partner workout
250 burpees for time. One partner does work, the other does 1 squat everytime a burpee is done.
You may switch as often as you want. (These will count if you are still in the burpee challenge)

pre- wod challenge:
1 min max stair climbers on 16″ box
(add partners reps together for score)

Tuesday 11/14/11

Shirts and hoodies should be in by tuesday afternoon!

3 rounds for time
 12 Deadlifts (225/155)
15 Wall balls
21 Sit-ups

Challenge: 7 mins to achieve most consecutive double unders


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