Wed 12/7/11 Partner junkyard WOD

Coach Russ giving Darin a spot.
We are having someone stop in to do a photo shoot tomorrow at 5:30pm. If you don’t want your picture taken consider coming to another class.
Max reps, 1 min at each station x 3 rounds 1 min rest afer each round (fgb style)
Tire flips (1 person on each side, flip back and forth)
Medball sit-up passes (14# medball, sit feet to feet, do a sit-up, pass ball, partner goes down and does a sit-up, passes and repeat, each pass is 1 rep)
Sled push (1 partner at a time, men 2- 45# plates and 1-25# plate, Women 1-45# plate and 1 25# plate. each time whole sled passes over a mat is 1 rep) 
Sandbag over “the wall” (each bag counts as 1 rep, partners can work together or do them seperate but you must get all bags over before you may go to the other side and start again.) wall is 48″ tall
Over your partner burpees ( 1 partner holds a plank on elbows, the other goes over, chest to ground then back, each jump is 1 rep)
Keep counting up from station to station through each round. At the end of each round report score to the coach. Score is total of all 3 rounds.

Vote now, who has the better deadlift face? My vote goes to Miranda. (p.s she did 255lb deadlift Monday)

WOD: Karen (One my least favorite wods)
150 Wall balls for time
Challenge: Muscle -ups or pull-ups
Will we have any first time muscle-ups or pull-ups tomorrow?

Monday 11/5/11 testing

Check out the new coaches bios section of the site.coaches bios
Noah had mentioned the morning crew doesn’t ever see how they stack up in the wods. I’m going to try to remember to take a pic of the board every day and post them here at the end of the week. Here are the results from Angie. Now I need to make my handwriting legible.
RX’D pull-ups, good job guys.
Timberwolf total test day
work up to your max in:

Friday 12/2/11 Angie

There were 3 people to get over 45″ on the med-ball box Jump. Evan got on the board for 1 step box Jump in 1st with 48″
We hit over 100 likes so I’m sticking to my word, bring it on Angie.
WOD: Angie
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats
You can do them in any order you want but you must finish all 100 of one before moving to the next.

Thursday 12/1/11

Chris is holding over 100lbs and still made it on the 24″ inch box
Check out this Crossfit on-line comp starting Jan. 1st. We will be doing the comp. wod as 1 of our wods each week for 3 weeks. There are 2 age divisions for men and women, this is the same site that now does our member billing and you can track wods and compare to other athletes across the world. This would be a good way for you to prepare for the CrossFit open competition starting in late Feb.

Also if you haven’t yet seen our new athlete of month page it’s pretty cool. Dean Becker is the first to earn this honor. You can read his Q&A section by clicking this link.
Dean Becker Dec. 2011 athlete of the month

Bar Tabata, 20 secs work 10 secs rest for 8 rounds
Toes to bar
ground to bar touches

 max time handstand hold against wall.

Wednesday 11/30/11

Rommel looking strong on those KB swings
WOD: Russ may make slight changes to the wod in the am.
Do the following 7 times. (135/95) repeat 7 times
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 front squat
1 push-press
1 back squat
1 push-jerk
Pre wod challenge:
 max height box jump while holding a 20 lb med-ball
please make sure there is nothing too dangerous around you and bring your shin guards if you want.

Tuesday 11/29/11

6 mins to get to your highest number
1 wall-ball
2 box jumps (24/20)
3 wall-ball
4 box jumps
pre-WOD challenge:
Thruster Ladder
Women start out at 55lbs
Men at 85lbs
go up 10 lbs every 45 seconds to max weight
Earn a T-shirt! In January we will be getting T-shirts made that will not be for sale. You can only get one by earning it. You can get them 1 of several different ways. 1. We will test you next week in the “Timberwolf Total” (My 3 favorite lifts) Clean, Deadlift, Bench Press. Your total must go up 8% in 8 weeks. and a 2000m row at 4% faster. No sandbagging!, I still have your comp wod totals 2. Complete the following workouts RX’D: Fran, Cindy, Grace, Kelly, Nancy, Isabel Daniel, Gi Jane, Angie. 3. Athlete of the Month will recieve one. 4. last way to earn the shirt is a secret. Any suggestions for a shirt design?

11/28/11 Half Eva

5 rounds for time:
400m run or row
15 pull-ups
15 kb swings (24/16)

Challenge: clapping push-ups
attempt to complete all.
Level 1- single clap in front from knees
2- 2 in front from knees
3- swan dive from knees (arms straight out)
4- 1 in front 1 in back from knees
5-1 in front from toes
6- 2 in front from toes
7- swan dive (arms straight out to sides from toes)
8-1 in front 1 in back from toes
9- front,back,front from toes

Happy Thanksgiving!

Running out of pics
Note: After months and months of coordinating my billing software and all the other various accounts we finally have reoccuring billing. We have done a couple test runs and it looks good. I am going to start taking Credit Cards as you are due. I am still willing to take checks and cash but please don’t make me send Elijah after you for payment. Have a good thanksgiving weekend!

Thanksgiving weekend schedule and WODS
Give Russ a big thanks or bring him a slice of pie for volunteering to come in while I am out of town.

Thurs 24th 8a
The ‘Burn Your Turkey’ Gobbler
3 Rounds of 24 reps (Nov 24th!) each exercise (folks can scale to 15 or 9 reps or aim for 2 rounds)
Goblet Squats 52/35
Ohs (just bar 45/35)
kB swings 52/35
walking Lunges
back Extensions (superman)
Fri 25th 8a & 9a
The ‘Black Friday’
Hang Power Clean (135/95)
Wall Ball (20/14)
Box Jump (24’/20′)
Pull Ups
Sat 26th 8a
Any WOD from the week or one’s own
M: Elizabeth
T: 5 rnds 45s work 15s rest 1m rest between each round: push press, jumping lunge, push up, sit up
W: snatch technique work 3-3-3-3-3
Th: Turkey Burner chipper
F: Black Friday chipper

11/23/11 Snatch, It’s a Brad Pit movie right?

Getting strong ladies
Challenge: bar traverse down and back ( be careful on the corners of the supports they are sharp)

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