Thursday 10.19


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
Choose just 1 in the list below.

Go :60 on :60 off adding 1 rep every round until failure. Your score is # of completed rounds.

Row- start with 15/10 cals
Ski- start with 15/10 cals
Bike – start with 15/8 cals
bar facing burpee – start with 7 reps

Add movement into notes.

Wednesday 10.18


Metcon (Time)
25 sand ball + burpee over wall.


Metcon (Time)
30 sandball + burpee over the wall.


Metcon (Time)
4 rds
10 wall-ball 20/14lbs
1 rope climb


Metcon (Time)
4 rds
10 wall-ball
1 legless rope climb


Metcon (Time)
2 rds
400m run
400m sand bag carry 80/60lbs

Tuesday 10.17

All: Helen

3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53# / 35#
12 Pull-ups


With a partner
150/100 cal bike for time. Switch as needed.

Monday 10.16


Clean and Jerk (Work to a 1 rm or 12 min emom of 2 reps building. )


10 rds for time
5 power cleans 135/95
4 front squat
3 shoulder to overhead

*Every rd must be done unbroken, all PC are TNG. If you drop at any time during a round that rd must start over.

The 5th power clean be a squat clean and count as your first FS.


10 rds for time 95/65lbs

5 power cleans
4 front squat
3 shoulder to overhead.

Same rules apply.

Friday 10.13


With a partner
3 rds
20 burpee over wall
10 rope climbs
100 double-unders
40 Db snatch 70/50 lbs
400m run

1 person at a time all the way through.
minimum of 5 burpees over wall in a row.


With a partner
3 rds
14 burpees over the wall
6 rope climbs
50 double- unders
40 DB snatch 50/30lbs
400m run

Thursday 10.12


Heavy wall-balls 30/20
Push-ups – Feet on 3″ plate.


wall-balls 20/14lbs
Toes to Eye level


6×5 Ctb, weighted if possible.

Wednesday 10.11


7 rds for time
9 deadlifts 185/125
3 bar muscle ups
200m run


7 rds for time
9 Deadlifts 135/95
5 pull-ups
200m run

Tuesday 10.10

A: Metcon (Weight)

Push jerk +Split jerk off the rack
Work to a tough set or 1 set emom for 12 minutes . Building to moderate wt.

B: Clean Pull

8×3 @100%, rest :90- 2:00 between sets

C: Metcon (Time)

With a partner 120/90 cal bike for time

Monday 10.8


5×6 tall box jumps

Fight Gone Bad:

3 rounds (total reps):
1 minute at each station, no programmed transition time between stations (WOD is 17 total minutes):
Wall balls, 20/14
Sumo deadlift high pulls, 75/55
Box jumps, 20″
Push press, 75/55
Row for cals
1 min rest

Friday 10.6


All with an empty barbell:

Set 1) 10 behind the neck press, 10 squat to half depth wide grip
rest :30
Set 2) :30 Ohs Squat sit rotating weight from one ankle to the other, 10 OHS
rest :30
Set 3) move hands in 3″ each side — 5 OHS, :15 squat sit (active shoulders), 5 OHS
rest :30
Set 4) move hands into press grip or sightly more narrow — 5 OHS, :15 squat sit (active shoulders), 5 OHS
rest :30
Set 5) 10 behind the neck sots press.


5 rds
400m run
15 pull-ups
20 push-ups
30 squats


3 rds for time
800m run
30 CTB
45 push-ups
60 squats
Break up Bw movements as needed.

A little note about the vests. They are great but if you are using them all of the time you are missing the point. heavier/ longer isn’t always better. In fact it’s often easier because you lose the intensity. No vests today unless you are 100% sure you can make the time cap.

32 minute time cap


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