Wednesday 2.29.12

Jordan gets a muscle-up on day 1
Pre-WOD Challenge:
Max split squat jumps in 2 min
Leap year WOD:
5 rounds
30 m standing long jump (leap)
20 toes to bar
3 rope climbs
Strength class:
weighted box jump 
4 rounds for time:
20m barbell lunges (.80% bw/.65% bw)
6  press (same barbell)
10 ring rows w/ feet elevated
no racks allowed, bar starts on ground 

Tuesday 2.28.12 – Time for Grace

Start them early! Cheer each other on! Good catch, good drive, good recovery.

30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
We last did this Oct 18, 2011. See if you can post an improvement.

Post-WOD challenge
Med Ball Clean Skill Work
then 25 MBC for time.

Monday 2/27/12

Max during last Monday’s strength WOD

Team WOD:
3 people per team  2rounds – 2 mins at each station 1 min rest between each full round

Row for calories
Box Jumps (20’/24”)
Deadlifts (115/185lbs)
Wall-balls (20/14lb)

Strength WOD:

partner resisted ring push-ups

Friday 2/24/12

Last Friday’s WOD- Gi Jane
for time:
50 double unders
50 sit-ups
50 push-press (45/35lbs, If you drop empty bars I will add 10lb bumpers.)
40 of each
30 of each
20 of each
10 of each

Burpee Thursday 2/23/12

Candace during the free week. 
Open WOD 1
7 min AMRAP
If you are doing this for the competition we will review standards and you will be judged.
Post WOD:
5-5-5-5-5 backsquat 

Wednesday 2/22/12

Russ and his 115 lb friend

10 -10m shuttle runs
30 wall-balls
10- shuttle runs
30 sit-ups
10 shuttle runs
30 burpees
10 shuttle runs
30 medball slams
10 shuttle runs
30 kb swings (24/16)
6:30pm strength class:

Post-Wod: hip and shoulder mobility

2/21/12 snow day!

Katy looking tough after the atlas stone challenge last week.
Pre-WOD: (optional, bring an extra pair of shoes to participate, do not wear the same shoes to work out in) 
 Timed sled push down sidewalk to corner and back. Please be careful, don’t slip and hit your face. This is do at your own risk and don’t touch your tongue to the sled.
Take some pictures Russ
( 45 lb and 25lb plates for men, 45lb plate for the ladies)
Pistols (hold a kettle-bell if need be)
Bench Press (75% max)
1 min rest between each set

Monday 2/20/12 Frantastic

Nate and Betsy ground to overhead
Max Toes to bar in 2 min
50 thrusters (95/65)
Stop every minute and do 5 pull-ups
50 pull-ups
stop every minute and do 5 thrusters. 
Stength Class:
1-1-1-1-1 Clean
Front Squats @ 75% max
Strict or Weighted pull-ups

2/17/12 Friday GI Jane

Remember when we got do WODs outside. It’s not far off again. I’m looking forward to doing park workouts  and stair climbs with sandbags. Oh and don’t forget the Burpee mile, half mile and 400m challenge. 
P.S. Russ I got 99 Du’s today, I’m coming for ya.
Pre-WOD challenge: 
Max atlas stone lifts in 2 mins 
WOD: GI Jane
100 burpee pull-ups for time 

2/16/12 Thursday

Hip mobility or male modeling?

Pre-wod challenge:
OHS squat, work up to your max weight or 5-5-5-5-5

15 min AMRAP
15 ground to overhead (95/65)
30 box jumps (24/20)


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