Wednesday 7.25.12 Thrusters / Muscle-ups

Coach Noah doing a little shoulder mobility before the Comp WOD.

Muscle-up technique

Thrusters (155/105lbs)

Tuesday 7.24.12 Backsquat / ”Helen”

Sidewalk art


3 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings (24/16kg)
12 pull-ups

Monday Fittest of the Gym Comp WOD 1

Megan M. and Laura during the Nokomis WOD
The fittest of the gym competition starts!
 I’ll explain again. Every Monday for the next 4 weeks we will do a workout and you will be ranked according to how you finished. Ex. 1st place gets 1 point 2nd 2points. The man and woman with the least amount of points at the end will be crowned fittest of the gym. I will get some Trophies made for the Top 3.
The workouts are going to be programmed so that almost everyone can participate. Some WODs will be long and light others will be short and heavy, some might be long and heavy or we might throw in a random skill or 2. This is a judged competition, we will review the standards, you are given a sheet of paper to record then 3-2-1-go! I encourage you to participate even if you think you have no chance at winning It’s a good way to test/push yourself beyond what you are used to.
Do your best to make it in Monday, If you cannot make it in on Monday you may make it up later in the week (preferably open gym times, but no guarantees I will be able to judge for you). Results will be posted once everyone has done the WOD.
11 min AMRAP
Move through the progression.  Score = total reps
20 Power cleans (75/45lbs)
20 Power Cleans (115/75lbs)
20 power Cleans (135/95lbs)
20 power cleans (165/115lbs)
20 power cleans (185/135lbs)
With the remaining time do as many reps as possible at

Sidenote: We are going to add the 11:00 class M-F starting this week. 

Lake Nokomis WOD

Who says you can’t work out in a dress.

Sunday Park WOD
We are meeting at the gym at 9:30 to load up the truck.

Swim workshop with Tanya

For a total of 6 laps
1 partner swims a lap around the bouys, runs across the sand and tags their partner.
Then do
50 tire flips
200m partner carry
100 jumps on tire
200m partner carry

We may have to do staggered heats also expect the workout to take a bit longer than a normal WOD.

Friday Sandbagging

Air Jordan!

Score = Time minus total reps
800m run
2 min max pull-ups
300m sandbag run (80/60)
2 min max power snatches (95/65) 
800m run
2 min max overhead squats
300m sandbag run
2 min max split squat jumps
800m run
You will check the clock when you come through the door and will have 2 minutes from that time to get work done.

Thursday 7/19/12 Bear complex

Hang Snatch

WOD: Bear complex
6 rounds for time without letting go of the bar (95/65lbs)

6 deadlift
6 bent over row
6 hang clean
6 front squat
6 push-press

*You may set the bar down after each round but if the bar is dropped during the round you must do 15 burpees before you continue.

Wednesday 7/18/12 DL/Plyo push-up

Click on the link to RSVP

400m run for time:

Deadlifts (225/135lbs)
Plyo push-ups (chest to floor push-up to a stack of 1 45 and 1 35lb and 1 25 plates lock out at the top with hands on plates)

Strength Class (This workout requires 3 bars per person so expect to share)
Deadlift (1.5bw)
Bench Press (bw)
Squat clean (.75bw)

Tuesday 7/16/12 hspu/bbp/kb snatch

Noah and Rubens working hard.

Handstand push-ups kip workshop

5 rounds for time:
4  elevated HSPU (use a set of 45lb and 25lb plates to get the Rx, I would like everyone to do a harder version than normal even if scaling)
8 Burpee box jumps (24/20”)
12 kb snatches (alternate 6 each side 24/16kg)

Monday 7/16/12 Grace

The Lake WOD was a ton of fun (even though I can barely swim) we are planning another one next Sunday same time. Keep in mind you can scale a swim by doing a run or you can bring your bike.

*Paleo Challenge starts Monday, Pick up your packets, get measured and bring in $15. If you already took a packet bring it in to make a minor correction that will affect your points.You will need a notebook to log your meals. The packets have guidelines about the diet and a spot to track points.
* 1 week from Monday we start our own version of the CrossFit games, the Timberwolf CrossFit fittest of the gym competition. We will do 4 workouts over 4 weeks all will be different and all will be manageable at some level for everyone to get a score. We will keep the skills at a low to mid level making the workouts more work based (that means there will not be Muscle-ups, double-unders, or other things that would keep a newbie from doing a WOD). Most that were here last year have said that the competition was one of the most fun times in the gym. Best of all we will have some sort of really cheesy trophy for the top 3 men and women to take home.

Clean and Jerk review
Clean ladder
Men start at 115, Women at 85lbs
Every minute add 10 lbs and do 1 rep until failure

30 Clean and Jerks for time
There will be a 12 min time cap so we have time to do measurements and pictures after the workout.

Strength WOD:


7/15/12 Early WOD at Lake Nokomis

2012 CrossFit games event 1
We will be meeting at the gym at 9:30am to throw a few things in the truck then heading over to Lake Nokomis to the big beach. Expect this WOD to take a little longer than the normal hour with travel. We are starting early in hopes of avoiding the crowds.  
*Swim around the buoys (stay close them in case you need to grab onto the rope, you may scale by swimming from one end to the other in chest deep water)
Then 4 rounds of 
30 Kb swings (24/16kg)
20 goblet squats 
10 burpees 


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