Power Cleans, Pull-ups

Mark S. and Russ doing some legit wall climbs.


FS work up to 1rm or 5×5
75 Pull-ups
75 Power Cleans (95/65lbs)
There is no RX’d order break it up however you want. 
a little bit of Hip and Shoulder mobility 
Programming notes: Today we will be calling no reps on the power cleans if you do not get the elbows through. Saw a lot of what I call football player cleans last week with the elbows directly under the bar. I promise it’s easier to learn how to do it right.

Monday 4.30.12

Lb for Lb who do you think is stronger? The guys or the girls of the gym. My vote goes to the girls.

Hello all,
Got a couple minor things to report. First Derek will be coaching the am classes and the 11:00 class Monday. I wasn’t  feeling too hot yesterday and went to the doctors turns out I have strep. I am contagious for 24 hours from my first dose of antibiotics which was about 4:00pm Sunday. 
Second, I have had two comments/suggestions in the new box. First was someone said they were stronger when I had a Mustache. I’ll work on that one. Second was a suggestion to add programming notes to the blog to give everyone an idea of why we do what we are doing. I will add those about once a week to the blog because I usually plan out 1 week in advance. 
Programming notes:
Most of my programming will include several couplets or triplets (2 or 3 movements repeated) with a chipper, and single mode thrown in about once a week. Most weeks I put an emphasis on a certain lift or movement I noticed many were having trouble with. Last week I noticed (especially with heavy weights) that many weren’t getting their elbows through on cleans. So we will be going back to the basics of the Front squat this week with some cleans added in as well. I spent some time over at CrossFit St. Paul last week. they programmed a heavy single backsquat every day before the WOD. Many set new P.R.s including me. We are doing the same with Front-Squats this week, the kicker is you must prove you  can do a decent Front squat before you are allowed to lift heavy. This means no crossing the arms across the chest (unless you have an injury)  This is up to the coaches discretion whether you can lift heavy, otherwise keep it light-mid weight and work on it. 
Front squat,  work up to 1 rm or 5×5 lighter weight

4 rounds for time:
400m run
10 Front squat (135/95lbs) (more experienced athletes please pull from the floor)
3 Wall-climbs

Post: mobility 
stretch out those wrist and quads

Strength Class:
FS 1-1-1-1-1
BS 1-1-1-1-1

4 rounds for time:
7 FS (225/135lbs)
5 wall-climbs

Sunday 4.29.12

Sunday WOD:
We are going to meet at the gym at 11:15 then run the James J. Hill stairs.
We may or may not be using Sandbags. 

Friday 4.27.12

Bobby M. pushing weight.

This has probably been the hardest week of WODs we have had. Next time we do a hard workout think back to this week. Expect some lifting days and a lot of mobility next week. 

800m run 
15 pull-ups
30 push-ups
45 squats
60 sit-ups
800m run
25 Wall- balls
25 Box jumps (24/20)
25 Kb swings (24/16)
800m run

Thursday 4.26.12, Derek’s first classes

I should have kept the beard.

NEWS: Twins game is Saturday starts 12:10 We are meeting at Bennetts’s down the street at 10:45ish then they are going to shuttle us there. If your name was on the list to go please bring in $19 for John. He paid for them out of his own pocket based on how many signed up. If you can’t go now but your name was the list please still pay him or find someone to take your place so he’s not dropping a bunch of money for the game.

Beef Share: So the person we talked to originally gave us the price for corn fed beef and it was the price before being processed. All said and done we will be getting our meat wrapped and cut for around $4/lb. (Grass fed steak was 10.99/lb and ground beef was 6.99/lb at the market the other day) The meat is 100% grass fed and the butcher went to look at the animals and said they look great. We will be getting a total of around 500lbs and split between 25 people is about 20 lbs a person. The butcher was referred to us by a friend of John’s but he is still asking for a deposit of about half. If you are still interested bring in $50, I’ll write it down and ask for the remaining balance when we get the total. If you want out, no worries, I like meat. 
The morning classes will be Derek’s first lone coached classes so go easy on him.
100 Thrusters for time
Stop at the top of every minute and do 5 burpees then continue on your way to 100.
Ninja Weight (135/95lbs)
Firebreather (115/80lbs)
Normal (95/65lbs)
Scaled (anything below)
40 minute time limit
It would be a good idea to mark your reps down
Other ways to scale include
– 3 burpees instead of 5
-work your way to 50
-or any combnation

Wednesday 4.25.12

I made Jordan lift outside to avoid another chalk mess. He did get a 430 lb Deadlift PR though.


For newer members we will review movements and scaling options.
For those that feel comfortable with the movements do:
Deadlifts 1-1-1-1 
5 rounds for time:
2 muscle-ups
3 deadlifts (355/205)
4 handstand push-ups
5 cleans (205/120lbs)


I’ll try not to tear this one down.


HPC review
Hang Power Cleans
With a continuous running clock.
800m run
3 min rest
400m Sandbag run
3 min rest
800m run
3 min rest
400m Sandbag run
You may sub 1000m row
then 500m elevated row. (back end on 20” riser)

Monday 4.23.12

Watermelon Smash
Regionals individual event 4
·         50 back squat (135/95lbs)
·         40 pull-ups
·         30 shoulder to overhead (135/95lbs)
·         50 Front squat (85/65lbs)
·         40 pull-ups
·         30 shoulder to overhead(85/65lbs)
·         50 Overhead squats (65/45lbs)
·         40 pull-ups
·         30 shoulder to overhead (65/45lbs)
Strength WOD
·         Backsquat  (70% of 1 rm)
·         Strict pull-ups
·         Shoulder to overhead  (bw/.75bw) 

Sunday Park WOD

Congrats to Rubens for winning the Lifetime Fitness Alpha competition this weekend.

Sunday’s WOD will be at the park on Montreal and w. 7th.street rain or shine. Starts at 11:15am

Partner WOD:
4 muscle-ups each  (sub 8 ring pull-ups, 8 ring dips or 16 ring rows)
600ish m sled pull  (may switch as often as you want)
3 muscle-ups each  (6 pull-ups 6 ring dips or 12 ring rows)
200m burpee long Jump  (alternate between you and your partner)
2 Muscle-ups each (4 pull-ups 4 ring dips or8 ring rows)
600ish m run
1 muscle-up each  (2 pull-ups 2 ring dips, or 4 ring rows)

Friday 4.20.12 baseline + overhead

Pic from the first Sunday WOD

500m row
40 squats
30 sit-ups
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups

Post WOD:


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