Wednesday 11.27.19

Today you may choose to test a 1 rm in each of these or do 4×3 in each.
If you do the 1rm please record in all of the lifts and the power lifting total.  If you do the 4×3 change it from 1×1 to 4×3. Be safe especially on the DL and BS.

Get a spotter for Bench press. The coach will talk about spotting on BP. #teabag

A: Power Lifting Total
Back Squat (1 Rep Max)
Bench Press (1 Rep Max)
Deadlift (1 Rep Max)

BS: Back Squat (1×1 or 4×3 )
BP: Bench Press (1×1 or 4×3 )
DL: Deadlift (1×1 or 4×3 )